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Stretch Pallet NettingStretch Pallet Netting

Stretch Pallet Netting allows products to breathe and overcomes problems of condensation, sweating, mould and overheating in perishable goods during packing, refrigeration and transport.

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Netting for Turf GrowersNetting for Turf Growers

Stretch Netting for wrapping small turf rolls on pallets, Maxi-Roll Netting for wrapping large turf rolls for transport / install and Turf Reinforcement Netting for all grass types.

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Crop Packaging

Polymet offers a full range of crop harvesting packaging including Baling Twine, Bale Net and Bale Wrap plus Silage Covers and Grain and Silage Tubes.

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BioPegsPolymet Pegs

Polymet offers a selection of pegs specially designed for (but not limited to) the Turf and Landscape Industry. We offer Biodegradable Pegs, Degradable Pegs, UV resistant Plastic Pegs, Gripper Pegs and Metal Pegs.

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Flexible Packaging

WALKILID 130 AND WALKILID 124 – Paper based lidding material for single cup lids. Aluminium free choice for dips, yoghurt, salads, ice cream plus noodles and other dry products with sealed lidding.

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FrostblanketsThermal Blankets

A new, inexpensive, reusable knitted blanket for all sorts of outdoor applications where turf or plants needs protection from frost damage. Thermal Blankets are also be used to protect plants and trees from damage during cold weather.

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