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More than 20 years of industry experience.

Polymet Australia Pty Ltd is a family owned company, based in Sydney, Australia specialising in breathable wrapping for fresh and processed goods and other packaging items.

Polymet has been the Australian distributor for TamaNet Pallet Netting for over 20 years and has recently added Ventilated Film as an additional pallet wrapping.

Polymet offers Insulnet Thermal Blankets / Turf Covers used in many outdoor applications, plus a range of Pegs/Stakes for use in the landscape industry together with Maxi Roll and Reinforcement Netting for the turf industry.

Polymet is also involved in Flexible Packaging supplying paper laminate lidding and aluminium butter wrap both sourced in Europe.

Stretch Pallet Netting

Netting for Turf Growers

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Thermal Blankets

Ventilated Films