Ventilated Machine Rolls

“I recently visited a new customer in the Silvan area of Victoria who was packing berries destined for WA.

 He has not only designed cardboard trays to include better air flow features but also punnets with air holes in them.

His emphasis is on not only sending fruit at its required temperature but maintaining that level throughout the long trip so it arrives in A 1 condition. 

So for him, using Ventilated Film to wrap his pallets is a logical follow on to his emphasis on temperature control and fruit presentation. Pallet wrapped in Ventilated Film ready for shippingUsing no overlap , he applies 2 wraps top and bottom and I estimated that more than 60% of the original holes in the film were still providing airflow after he had wrapped each pallet.

Another benefit I saw was that our 9um film was doing as good a job as competitors much heavier film elsewhere. 

Much less wasted film from Polymet Australia and for a better result. “

by Linton Ritchie