Degradable Eco Pegs

Degradable Eco Pegs offer a strong, safer, eco-friendly option to metal pegs.

The alternating rib design and double hooks grab the netting, turf, mat or sod and holds it firmly from both sides.
Degradable Eco Pegs are safe to use and eliminate injuries and damage to equipment caused by metal pegs/stakes.

They can be safely left to degrade in areas which may be difficult to access, steep, remote or ecologically sensitive.
They are designed to be strong enough to last for the duration of the job required.

Made from recycled plastics Eco Pegs contain an additive to change the polymer structure of the plastic.
Once this change is complete the pegs/stakes will fall apart and allow microbes to consume the plastic.
The byproducts post-microbe consumption are water, carbon dioxide and biomass (humus).
Breakdown takes 24-36 months, full biodegradation rates depend on the number of microbes present in the environment.


  • Hold down turf on banks or areas of high traffic such as besides footpaths.
  • Hold erosion control products in place without having to return to remove them.
  • Used at parks, golf courses, sports fields, public areas, coastal areas, wetlands and backyards.
  • Used by landscapers, turf growers, councils, gardeners.

Degradable Peg Packaging Details:

  • Degradable Eco Pegs are packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Pegs come in two lengths 100m and 150mm.
  • The 100m pegs are packed in boxes of 1000.
  • The 150mm pegs are packed in boxes of 500.

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