Insulnet Thermal Blankets

Insulnet Properties:

  • An almost transparent knitted fabric designed to protect plants and turf from heavy rain, hail, pests and to reduce or prevent frost damage.
  • It  is permeable allowing air, light and moisture (rain or irrigation) to travel through at a reduced rate, plants are able to breathe, reducing intense heat and humidity.
  • Provides minimal shading.
  • Maintains moisture and warmth in the soil in early spring for early sowing.
  • 5 year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Can be used to cover small tunnels/cloche systems, draped over larger plants and trees or laid directly over turf/lawn.
  • A tough knitted fabric that can be rolled up and stored year after year.


  • Rolls –  2m x 100m / 4m x 50m
  • Weight – 21 kgs per roll
  • Packing – 9 rolls per pallet, each roll packed in a plastic bag.
  • Colour – Natural
  • Protection – UV Stabilised

Samples are available.

Performance – Under Insulnet™:

  • In climate of 100+ days on -5ºC overnight temperatures, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf retained green leaves throughout this period.
  • Soil temperatures were 2ºC higher at 100mm under Insulnet™ in above conditions, allowing turf to be ready much earlier in the season.


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