Wide Width Silage Sheeting

SILACOVER is a three layer co-extruded blend of the new technology linear low resins, which provide exceptional puncture and tear resistance, ensuring your valuable fodder will ensile to the maximum protein and energy levels possible. The white side is designed to face upwards and the black side down towards the silage.

The white layer will reflect heat and stop valuable energy from being burnt out of the fodder and the black side will stop light penetrating the stack, which can cause some fungal growth. The covers are folded and rolled to allow the white side to be facing up when the covers are unrolled. This will save time and energy when covering the silage.

The covers are fully UV stabilised for Australian conditions to provide a minimum 12 month life. All care should be taken when handling the SILACOVER to ensure you do not damage the sheet when installing.

Always cover your stack in to the prevailing wind, as this will make the cover easy to pull over your stack or pit and when feeding out always open your stack away from the prevailing wind. If stacks or pits are opened towards the prevailing wind, you will realise greater losses as the wind will pump oxygen into the silage and start the secondary fermentation process, resulting in silage loss.

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