Ventilated Film

Known also as ventilated stretch film, ventilated stretch wrap, air flow wrap, aero wrap, film wrap, net wrap, breathable wrap, ventilated pallet wrap, vented stretch wrap, perforated stretch wrap, perforated stretch film, holey film, perforated stretch film wrap.

A major benefit of Ventilated Stretch Film is that it is accepted by major retail distribution centres, as a breathable wrapping material where airflow needs to be maintained for inbound pallets.

Available in Conventional Machine Rolls and Pre-stretched Machine and Hand Rolls

  • PA 710 – Pre-stretched Ventilated Stretch Film Hand rolls – 500m x 420mm x 9um
  • PA 711 – Pre-stretched Ventilated Stretch Film Machine rolls – 4000m x 420mm x 9um
  • PA 712 – Conventional Ventilated Stretch Film Machine rolls – 250% stretch – 1200m x 500mm x 30um


  • No strengthening strips needed on our Conventional film.
  • Allows easier cutting to finish
  • Offers up to 60% air flow
  • Excellent carton printing visibility after wrapping
  • Runs on most wrapping machines
  • Maintains web width under tension
  • Significant financial and efficiency savings compared to angles / straps.
  • Soft on carton corners to prevent crushing


Fruit and Vegetables:  With greater care being paid to the condition of fruit and vegetables on arrival to markets and supermarkets these days, packers are becoming more conscious of temperature stability for produce throughout the often long road journeys to destinations all around Australia.  To achieve these objectives, breathable wrapping, accepted by all customers, is essential to allow air flow through the palletised goods. It helps prevent condensation and wet cartons and provides for  better temperature control from refrigeration.

Eggs:    Eggs actually sweat so need air flow when packed in trays and cartons to prevent a build up of moisture on the eggs and then on cardboard packaging during refrigeration.

Cheese:    In cheese manufacturing, especially the soft more expensive styles like Brie and Camembert, the process often includes a maturation period when cheeses need continuous air flow.

Cooked Foods:    When foods are cooked in cans at high temperatures, the cooling down process needs to occur while palletised goods are travelling along the distribution belt towards the final customer. This is best achieved when pallets are wrapped with ventilated film to allow air flow in and around the cans.

Carbonated drinks :  For soft drinks and even beer, the contrasting ambient temperature variation between the factory and outside can lead to condensation on the surface of the cans or bottles or build up of gas inside the can.  Both these potential problems can be prevented by using ventilated film to wrap these palletised goods providing adequate and continuous air flow in and around the goods.

Fresh Meats , including  small goods, chicken :    Being a perishable product, fresh and processed meats are subject to moisture and bacteria build up when packed unless a free air flow wrapping like ventilated film is used to allow the refrigeration to produce an optimal result.

Sample Rolls are available for Trial.


Ventilated Machine Rolls Pallet wrapped in Ventilated Film ready for shipping

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