Wrapping Machines

For it’s own trial purposes, Polymet uses an IP Ex cell 310 wrapper.

It works equally well with film and netting and has many features which make it easy and convenient to use.

It is built strongly to do many years of service.

This machine can be supplied by Polymet with or without a demonstration arranged.

Ex-Cell 310

  •  Throughput (up to 30 loads per hour)
  •  Suitable for 50mm & 76mm film cores
  •  240 VAC (10A) power supply
  •  80 mm turntable height
  •  2000 kg turntable capacity
  •  2200mm standard wrap height
  •  Turntable speed max 15 (RPM)
  •  AC variable speed drives
  •  PLC controlled
  •  Push buttons
  •  Photo eye sensor detects various product height automatically
  •  Selectable cycles (i.e. Full wrap – Light wrap – Top sheet)
  •  Safety crush prevention device fitted to film carriage
  •  Cycle Counter counts the number of pallets wrapped (Including service alarm)
  •  Top and bottom wraps adjustable (1, 2 or 3)
  •  500mm friction brake (Variable tension control)
  •  Forklift transportable / front & rear access (Fork-tine outside width 1040mm)