” Now Spring is here and crop harvesting is becoming commonplace, it is high time to check on your packaging supplies”.

For any goods which require air flow whilst on pallets, you really have two choices – NETTING or VENTILATED FILM.

Their real benefit is that they provide a fully tensioned wrap from top to bottom whereas tape and angles and straps do so only at their point of contact.

Polymet has stocked up during winter and has supplies of their different stretch netting grades and pre-stretch and conventional Ventilated Film.

Most grades are available in both hand and machine rolls PLUS free sample rolls are available for trials.

Also, we continue to offer a range of PEGS including the very popular green degradable pegs (100mm +  150mm long) for holding turf in place on slopes or watercourses.

Call Linton on 02 9412 1277 and book up your order.