Alternatives For Air Flow

Sydney 09.11.15 

As fruit and vegetable harvesting gets under way in all parts of Australia, the use and purpose of packaging again becomes important.  Where air flow through the palletised goods is essential, the choice is fairly easy.  For a complete wrap, either Stretch Netting or Ventilated Stretch Film are the logical choices.  Both are strong and, applied correctly, will hold loads tight for long journeys.  Stretch netting has the great advantage of offering almost unlimited air flow.  On the other hand, where delivery to Supermarkets is involved, Ventilated Stretch Film is the one to use .  Which ever you choose, the secret is to pull it tight.

Both hand and machine rolls are available though using the latter offers a discount of around 25% in consumable costs.  Polymet can help you with hand applicators.

Wrapping machines vary in price depending on whether you want to wrap 100 pallets per day or 50.  Any machine has the advantage of maintaining the tension on the stretch netting or ventilated stretch film all day so producing a consistent end result.  The pre stretched option is less expensive for machine and consumables and does not need to take up a lot of space in the packing shed.  The conventional stretch netting and ventilated stretch film are used where higher outputs are required, involve a power pre stretch head machine and , as you might expect, are more expensive.  At Polymet, we offer sample rolls and all the help you need to make the right choice of wrapping and its application.

Just a call to Linton or Liz 02 9412 1277 or text to Linton – 0401 033 045 – will start your ball rolling ready for the coming season.